Reincorporated Soldiers Survivor

2 April, 2018


From the battlefield to the good life.

Can former rebels become consciously committed, creative agents of the better future of Colombia? Can they develop trust in the institutions of civil society? Perhaps the most urgent application of Positive Psychology and related disciplines to the current situation in Colombia is in helping achieve the social reintegration of the guerrilla fighters into civil society.

Members of illegal groups need high quality psychological training if they are to adapt in the highly polarized society that awaits them. The design and development of empirically based programs can facilitate that they not only adapt, but also find happiness and fulfillment in their new lives; an absolute necessity for the successful transition towards peace. Furthermore, studying the psychological effects of violence of the members of the illegal groups formerly involved in the conflict can create less conflict producing policies, develop procedures for the peaceful welcoming of former combatants, inform government institutions, keep individuals from resorting to violence.



Fieldwork Images