Galería Mocoa

2 April, 2018


Landslides devastate Colombia's Mocoa

The Mocoa landslide was a natural disaster that took place in 2017. It is the third-deadliest weather-related disaster in Colombian history, leaving hundreds of deaths. Numerous neighborhoods built along the banks of the rivers were completely devastated. The people of Mocoa have repeatedly protested demanding robust psychological support. However, their requests haven't been attended by authorities. Government and other international organization's assistance is focused on providing material goods. However, Although economic support is essential, psychological needs are just as important.

Aware of the importance of providing science based psychological support to survivors and their families, Universidad del Sinu and the Florecer Institute sent a team to Mocoa to asses the psychological impact of the traumatic experience and identify key positive resources that can help them better cope with the tragedy.

Our team did intensive Fieldwork during 19 days in 14 neighborhoods and 11 shelters, with a total of 1651 participants. Our goal is to develop a science based intervention program that can help survivors experience positive growth in the aftermath of trauma.



Fieldwork Images